Finally Cubicity is out

Just wanted to make this short post to tell you that Cubicity is now available, and you can get it by visiting our website, or on Desura actually there’s no time to write more we are spreading the news all over the internet !

We hope you enjoy the game :) .

Pre-order Cubicity and Score The Game For $2.49


Brush and Code are pleased to announce that arcade puzzler, Cubicty is now available to pre-order for PC, which is due to release on 12 November for $4.99.  Pre-order now to lock in a 50% discount and score the game for just $2.49!

An offer that even a mad scientist could not refuse.

Cubicity offers unique game-play styling, as Seamus can’t fly yet he never touches the ground. Instead, he hangs by a rope and harness as he manoeuvres his way through 60 challenging levels that are sprawled across five unique worlds. Seamus will need to acquire new weapons and learn new strategies in order to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles that block his path.  Part action adventure, part puzzle strategy, you’ll need to be both smart and quick-fingered to reach the end.

Can you escape the clutches of the nefarious, mad scientist Dr. Shmeev Shmobs?

Visit to pre-order now!

Press Assets
Playable Demo:

Cubicity working on world 5 finished, New features were added.

Today we (Brush And Code) finished working on world 5 of Cubicity game, The last world of the game. This world depends on the new weapon you gain, That gives you the ability to change cubes into magnets that pulls other objects. Also, new features were added to the full game .

The new features of the full game :

  • Added support for Xbox controller !
  • Added achievements system !


To get the demo :  Click here

If you have any feedback after playing the demo We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment below or email


World 4 Finished, Demo Updated to 18 Levels and More!

Here at Brush and Code the developer is hard at work finishing the game and adding in many new feature. We’re here with a new update for everyone that has been checking out Cubicity demo. Today we’d like to announce that we’re done with World 4 for the full game. This is some great news, which means we’re getting steps closer to finishing the game.

Also, the demo has been updated with many requested features and some to make this game unique. What are the updates you ask?

Updates Include:

  1. The demo now includes 18 levels to play rather than the 13 it started with. You’ll be having more fun and a bigger challenge as you play. If that wasn’t all more features have that you’ll noticed as soon as you start playing.
  2. We’ve fixed the delay during boot of the game.
  3. We’ve added a new loading screen between levels.
  4. Last but not least, You can now use your mouse to select items in the menus.


Have any feedback after playing the demo? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment below or email You can download the new demo :

Click Here

Cubicity on steam greenlight

Cubicity is now on steam greenlight, We need your votes to make it,follow the page to get all the new screenshots and gameplay videos.

Press on the image below to go to Cubicity greenlight page :


World 3 Finished

We finished yesterday working on world 3 and you can now see new screenshots from this world,This world fully depends on imagination , As u merge different objects together to make a bigger shape to solve the level.

Also we made new changes as now Seamus ideas appears over him to have better representation for the game story and to add sense of humor to the game.

Also we made a new controls,depending on your feedback to make the game easier .

Cubicity Demo Released !!

Seamus is a curious guy who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. Join his underground adventure,and help him avoid traps and solve puzzles in order to make it home in one piece!

Download Demo :

if you don’t have .net framework 4.0 installed or don’t know what is that download :

Download link 1

if you have .net frame work 4.0 installed then download :

Download link 1

if you liked the game and you would like to fund us so we can continue developing it , visit our indiegogo : here

Cubicity Idea

Cubicity is our new game .I don’t know what Cubicity really means but I like the name .

Your target in Cubicity is very simple , u just need to move a cube to a specific position , sounds easy .

but the problem here that the character you are controlling isn’t even on the ground ,you are playing a role of a hanged man O.O

I made a drawing on paint brush so I can explain the idea more :


so you are controlling that character on the top left , u can move right or left , but how can you move the cube , you will simply have a magnet with you , u can attract the object , move the character then leave the object :


is it that simple ? .

So what’s hard about this game ?

It’s a puzzle game , let me describe an example of the puzzles that can be used , u knew that the character can hold a cube , I added a small feature to the game , when he holds an object , he becomes heavier and he goes down , so let’s imagine this level :


when u hold the object that u want to add at the end of the level , u become heavier and goes down , then u can’t pass this obstacle at the middle of the level , so the solution , is to go to the right part without the cube and then carry all the objects at the right , so u get very low and then u can get the object on the left like that :


the game will contain many worlds , world 1 is what I just explained , world 2 the player will have the ability to do magnetic fields in the wall to pass from one magnet field to another , or the pass the objects from them .

world 3 the player will have the ability to merge the objects

world 4 there will be some enemies that will shoot you .

world 5 the player will have the ability to change some objects into magnet .

and every world has it’s own levels and puzzles .

keep vising the site to see the news about the game and the game art etc……. :)

Cubicity Step 3 (building the demo)

Finally I started to build the real game,putting the final game GFX and Sound,my problem that I have no enough fund for the game .

so I decided to just work on a demo,then I can search for investors or try .

some pictures from the final game gfx :

after losing some money and time paying for fails artists,finally I finally found james,he’s experienced and a professional 2d game artist.

wait the releasing of the demo as soon as possible .

Cubicity Step 2 (Concept Art)

In this step I started to search on the artist ! , I searched for 4 months maybe ! , it was the longest step .

First I hired a concept artist from Jordon , he made his concept for the levels:


and for the character :


After that I hired the artist/animator that will apply these concepts , but as any artist in the world he saw that the first artist work wasn’t so good and he wanted to start from the beginning O.O,so he made this character concept :

game character

which I find it much more better and now the artist is working on the game gfx and doing his best .